Our flying site is located at 107th and LaGrange Road, Palos Hills, IL, in the Cook County Forest Preserve.  Visitors are always welcome and our members are always willing to answer any questions that you may have about our hobby.  Come by and check it out!  But don't get too close, the R/C bug might bite you too! 

Our flying site is located at 107th and LaGrange Road, Palos Hills IL, in the Cook County Forest Preserve.  Field hours are from dawn until dusk.  Please SEE RULES BELOW map.

General Field Rules  -  Palos R/C Flying Club   (Helicopter & Multi-Rotor Rules at very bottom)

While flying R/C airplanes is not a dangerous hobby there are some very basic safety rules that our members are required to observe.  These simple rules are intended to keep the field safe for everyone and to make sure the field is available for R/C flying for a long time to come.

1. It is the responsibility of each Flyer to be courteous and responsible to others. Good judgment tempered with common sense and knowledge of the Rules should be used at all times.

2. A current AMA license or a copy of faxed submission for AMA membership shall be in possession of any pilot while flying at the field. The only exception is a introductory flight for a non-AMA member with an authorized club member using.

3.   The flight line is established by the north edge of the paved runway.

4.   There will be no flying north of the flight line.

5.   There will be no taxiing in the pit.

6.   There will be no intentional flying over LaGrange Rd. (Rt. 45)

7.   All flyers are requested to clean their own litter.

8.   Spectators are not allowed south of the split rail fence, in the pit area or on the flight line unless accompanied by a club member. Small children shall be properly supervised and controlled.

9.   Pets are not allowed south of the split rail fence.

10. R/C cars are not allowed south of the split rail fence.

11. Kite flying is not permitted.

12. Model rocket flying is not permitted.

13. All flyers must fly from established markers.

14. It is recommended that all pilots use a second person as a spotter.  This is mandatory at club events.

15. Each pilot must use the club frequency tag board. This includes the new 2.4GHz radios as this helps with pilot control and identification. The location for the 2.4 GHz tags is the area at the bottom of the board with the Ham Radio frequencies

16. The make ready benches must be shared when there are more pilots and planes than benches.

17. All entries to the runway, take-offs, landings, student approaches, touch and goes, dead sticks, low fly-bys will be loudly announced to all pilots on the flight line and acknowledgement received before proceeding. Dead stick landings and emergencies have priority and must be declared immediately. Also, announce when you must go onto and return from the runway to retrieve planes.

18. Active runway direction shall be determined by wind direction or its closest vectoring component. If there is no discernible wind direction, then a left hand pattern should be flown unless something else is agreed upon by all pilots flying at that time.

19. All flying shall be in a pattern away from spectators, cars, pits, roads, or buildings.

20. All engine break-in and test running should be done at a location other than at the field, as a courtesy to other flyers.  Minor adjustments are allowed, but should be kept to a minimum.  If more than a couple minutes are required to run up an engine, please do so when no one is flying.

21. Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed anywhere at the field. As stated in AMA rules, no pilot shall operate a model aircraft while under the influence of alcohol or within eight (8) hours of having consumed alcohol.

22. It is the responsibility of all members to monitor and politely enforce all AMA and Club rules.  In most cases, a simple reminder of the rules will remedy a situation. In situations where specific guidance is not provided herein, sound judgment, courtesy and common sense must prevail.


1. All general field rules as stated above are in effect and must be followed.

2. Helicopters using the field runway must fly in the established traffic pattern when fixed wing aircraft are in the air.

3. Sustained hovering on the field runway is not allowed when fixed wing aircraft are flying. If no fixed wing aircraft are flying, the runway may be used.

4. In the event the runway is being shared with fixed wing aircraft, all pilots should maintain communication to announce their intentions.

MULTI-ROTORS (drones) ARE PROHIBITED at this flying field by the Forest Preserve District.  The use (flying) of Drones, Quads, Multi-rotors, etc.  are "Not Allowed" at this location, namely Morrill Meadow (107th & LaGrange Rd) by order of  the Cook County Forest Preserve District's new Rules and Regulations.

For a list of approved Drone flying locations in the Cook County Forest Preserve District, please follow this link. http://fpdcc.com/recreation/model-airplane-drone/#locations